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Oleksandr Pedan

"Hello, I'm Oleksandr Pedan, co-founder of Junior NGO.

If you are here, then you also want Ukrainian children to be sporty, healthy and happy.


5 years ago, we created the "Junior" organization to prove to both parents and children that young people should be physically active and, despite all stereotypes, love and want to be active.

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All these 5 years have shown that we are absolutely right. Neither gadgets nor laziness can stop children from being active, if the right conditions are created for this.

Junior does this. We change physical education lessons to be more fun and active, hold many offline and online events so that children find "their" sports activity.

Our statement is clear - if your child does not play sports, it means that he has not found his favorite sport yet.

So, we need to work more and give kids more choice. Because you can do sports or provide physical activity regularly only if you enjoy it.

If you are here - we are moving in the right direction!

Thank you for being with us!”


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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