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About us

The JuniorS movement is a non-profit public organization which promotes physical activities among school-age children, improving their attitude to physical education lessons, helps them find their sports, and make physical exercise a daily healthy mental and physical habit.

 We are convinced that every child in Ukraine should have free access to physical activity and sports games, so we work to ensure that physical education in school and extracurricular program is gender equal, team-based, non-contact, inclusive and as diverse as possible.

We are not focused on the sport of great achievements and professional awards. Our goal is to persuade you that any, even little physical activity is your personal daily achievement.

We are proud that during the work of our organization we managed to earn the trust of leading institutions and establishments in Ukraine. In particular, memorandums of cooperation were signed with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (7.12.18), with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) (2.12.19) and with 19 other city administrations.

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